Call Notes

Document your phone calls on the go. Though originally designed to fill the needs of healthcare providers, this utility meets the needs of anyone requiring documentation of phone calls while on the go with their iPhone or iPod touch.


Provides rapid documentation of phone calls, including:

store icon

- Callee name

- Identifiers such as date of birth

- Phone number called and duration of call

- Date and time of call

- Notes regarding the call

- Tags to make labeling calls and sorting them much easier

Call notes can share the data collected with others via email.

The interface is intuitive and easy to master. Just pick it up and start documenting!



- added a 'Delete Call Note' button to the bottom of the note detail view

- added DOB to contacts in choose list to further differentiate contacts

- adjusted contact edit view so that the contact list only redraws the changed row on exit, not the whole list

- contacts can be directly viewed from a button ('i') in the call detail view

- redefined the icons in the contact select list, the 'person head button' is selectable to show the Address Book entry and edit there, 'i' takes you to the Call Notes contacts section

- call notes for the contact are now listed in the contact view

- phone number now saves when a number is selected from a popup list of numbers

- phone number consistently auto selected when there is only one phone number associated with a contact

- changing contact information in a linked call notes contact changes the pertinent data in the address book contact. Address Book phone numbers are excluded- they are not changed/deleted/edited/added in the address book.

- added ability to mail or message an encrypted PDF of call notes

- added preference to enter the user's pdf securing password

- added URL scheme calls for add and search (see for details

- switched the when and duration cells in the detail and add call note views

- added a 'initiate phone call" button to detail and add view to call directly from Call Notes if your device is capable

- tapping a direct entry row in the add or detail view (i.e., Phone Number or Duration) will now exit data entry mode

- fixed a problem where a caller name could appear as 'null'

- added ability to place phone call via Google Voice using app GV Connect (

- adjusted table drawing so that delete and insert animations are smoother

- fixed a bug causing a crash if a call was deleted from the search view

- fixed a bug causing a TextExpander fill in to not work while in the Add New call detail view

- fixed a bug that caused a TextExpander fill in to not show completely in the notes view when first expanded

- implemented dynamic text sizes in the Notes view

- implemented automatic phone number formatting similar to the Contacts app

- removed the Phone Format preference item

- clicking on the Add phone button of the Contact view now adds a phone just like clicking on the row

- clicking an active Phone field in the Contact view now makes the edit of that phone number inactive / closes the keyboard

- compiled for 64 bit


- completely rewritten for iOS 7

- does it's best to import data from the old versions of Call Notes

- adds access to Address Book contacts

- localized to Spanish

- updated to support latest TextExpander (2.3+)

copyright 2014 J. Rick Adams, M.D.