Charge Capture

Capture charge information at the point of care quickly and easily. Never miss another charge again!

Charge Capture artwork

Charge capture is designed and used by practicing clinic-based and hospital-utilizing physicians on a daily basis.


• People

Record and maintain a list of patients and their demographic information for use in billing.

• Locations

Store pertinent locations where business is performed and at which services are billed. Hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics are some examples.

• Encounters

Document individual encounters by person, location, date, charge and diagnosis.

• Codes

Store a database of both diagnosis and charge codes for use in billing encounters.

• Rounding

Utilize a system whereby encounters are organized into date and location to simulate a rounding experience making charge entry easy and intuitive.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Apr 5, 2014, 12.21.25 iOS Simulator Screen shot Apr 5, 2014, 12.21.33

• Reporting

Report the charges organized by person, location and date.



- fixed problem with Reporting crashing


  • fixed problem when attempting to report using same From and To date
  • separated Today rounding view by facility
  • resized list view rows on iOS 8 to layout consistent with other versions
  • altered saving while reporting in attempt to avert data loss by some users
  • better error reporting during saves
  • fixed problem with toolbar on encounter list view when rotating phone
  • fixed problem with toolbar on encounter and rounds detail view when rotating phone


  • fixed a bug on import of legacy data
  • removed the secure encoding for the password entry of a pdf file in reporting; need to see to be sure of the password before the encryption is performed
  • altered the reporting function to include all encounters in a date range more accurately


  • completely rewritten for iOS 7+
  • does its best to import data from the old versions of Charge Capture
copyright 2014 J. Rick Adams, M.D.