Settings for Call Notes can be found in the Settings application of the iPhone.


Data Entry

  • Access to the Contacts in your iPhone can be turned on or off at any time using the 'Use Contact Book' setting
  • Call Notes will automatically add a new phone to a contact if this setting is marked ON. Note: Call Notes does not manipulate phones in the Contacts of your iPhone. It will only manipulate its own database of phones related to a contact.
  • An entry in phone format forces the user to enter phone numbers in the specified format. Leave this field blank to enter phone numbers in any format you choose.


  • TextExpander┬áTouch is a utility designed to let you "type more with less effort on your iPhone". You can turn on access to this utility in the notes field of Call Notes by turning this setting ON.
  • The latest version (2.3+) of TextExpander Touch requires Call Notes to import the snippets of text. You must periodically turn ON the setting to upgrade your TextExpander snippets and keep the up to date within Call Notes.
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