TextExpander snippets

TextExpander Touch is an excellent utility that makes fast entry of text possible with minimal typing. Here is a collection of snippets that I have created for use in Call Notes. Examples include:

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  •  ';hpi' to enter a brief HPI

snippets for symptoms like:

  •  ';sxnofc' for "no fevers or chills"
  • ';sxnnov' for "nausea without vomiting"

and directions snippets like:

  • ';touc' for "Patient instructed to proceed to Urgent Care."
  • ';911' for "Patient instructed to hang up immediately and dial 911."

Launch Center Pro scripts

Launch Center Pro is an indispensible utility I use on my iPhone every day. It allows you to perform complex actions within other apps with one tap. Call Notes taps into this power with URL schemes.

I have included some of the scripts I use within Launch Pro here on the site. If you access this page from your iPhone with Launch Center Pro installed, you can add these scripts to your copy of Launch Center Pro.

copyright 2014 J. Rick Adams, M.D.