The Contacts portion of Presciptive Authority Delegation (hereafter called “PAD”) is an extension of the Contacts book of your iPad.

On opening, the app will force you to select which card you designate as your own card (termed your “YOU” or “Me card”). Once that is done, you may add other contacts to the app.

Tap the ‘+’ button to add other contacts. PAD uses the Contacts app of the iPad to store most demographic data. Thus, the app will ask you to either select a contact from the Contacts app (hereafter called the “Address Book”) or add a new contact. Either way, PAD will link to the selected contact and enter the name into the PAD contacts.

Once a contact is linked, it is possible to add information specific to PAD to that contact. You can view the information on a specific contact by selecting that individual in the Contacts list. The detail view then shows all of the data for that specific contact. Photo, name and company are directly pulled from the Address Book. The other data in this view is specific to PAD. The detail view must be in “Edit mode” to enter new data. Access that mode by tapping the Edit button at the top right of the screen.

Once in Edit mode, the tappable items will turn blue. One can enter the start date and termination date of a Prescriptive Authority Agreement with the person in question. The contact can be labeled as a prescriber or as an authority. License numbers for the contact are entered by tapping the label “Add License…”. Add preferred means of contact by tapping the “Add contact method…” label. To exit Edit mode, tap the blue Done button at the top right of the screen.

Once completed, the Contacts section becomes an excellent reference for the information one needs to keep in regards to providers in a prescriptive authority delegation agreement.

copyright 2014 J. Rick Adams, M.D.