The Help portion of Prescriptive Authority Delegation gives access to the various settings for the app, some helpful tips for using the app, and some online references one might find useful.


Use colored backgrounds in Activities view

By default, each type of activity in the encounter detail has a different background color. The tab for that type has the same color. Turn this off to show in simple black and white colors.

Transmit participant details when sharing encounters

By default, sharing an encounter also shares the details (licenses and contact information) for each participant. Turn this off to send only name and designation.


TextExpander support is off by default. Activating support allows the expansion of TextExpander snippets within text entry locations in the app. Tap the Fetch (Update) Snippets button to immediately import the most recent snippets from your copy of TextExpander to the PAD app.

copyright 2014 J. Rick Adams, M.D.